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Yes, Google sent you here, and we’re waiting for them to fix that. In the meantime, click HERE to visit our new website.

‎”The entire history of improvisational theatre was balanced on a pinpoint there in St. Louis. It was one of the most amazing things that ever happened in world theatre, a creative experience unmatched perhaps on the planet. There’s never been anything like it.” – Del Close (from “The Compass”)

The Improv Trick is proud to have spawned an entire improv scene in St. Louis. Since opening it’s doors in St. Louis, Improv Trick students have been an important part of the founding of groups like Clinic Improv, The Improv Shop and now troupes in Chicago like The Xanadudes.


2 responses to “Visit our new website

  1. Bill, its Chuck and Risha. We are sad about I.T. closing up shop. I found this info out because I have been bragging about your abilities and training to a friend whom which I feel has great potential in the field. He and I started talking about going through your training together and that’s when we saw this release above. I hoped it was an old unsuccessful banner!!

    It seems like only yesterday when we attended your fabulous wedding in LA along with the rest of the cast from “The Ringer”. And the laughs we (and the rest of the bar) shared as you lead them through the routine and were barking on all fours! If I remember right, you had patrons joining you,

    You are a gift my friend and success will always be a part of who you are. Heads up, somethin’s comin’ down the road!!

    Chuck and Risha

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